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School Wide DNA Assembly Program

School Wide DNA Assembly Program

Drug and Alcohol (DNA) Prevention Assemblies:  DNA is ambiguous for drugs and alcohol and our “DNA.” In other words, we believe that “biology, our DNA, plus our lifestyle choices, determines our outcome.” The DNA assembly is designed as an engaging platform to educate students on drugs and alcohol prevention. The DNA assemblies are hosted by recovering addicts along with experts in the field of counseling, medicine and law enforcement.

For Schools Interested in Hosting the DNA Program

As we consider schools to implement the DNA program, there are a few guidelines that we adhere to before we can offer the program to the school. First, we want to partner with the PTA or PTSA at the school in order to have the parents support. Before we present the DNA Assembly to the students, we have a parentʼs night to inform and educate parents on the choices their kids have when it comes to drugs and alcohol, point out potential problems and accessibility in the community, and inform them about different organizations that offer help for students and their families. We also provide teacher workshops which are designed to educate and train the adult prior to their students being exposed to the material. This allows for educators to be fully equipped and aware of possible questions, along with being knowledgeable in order to reinforce the prevention message. Lastly, we meet with the school counselors prior to the assembly in order to partner and utilize them with ongoing support with the students.

If you are interested in more information about how you can have DNA involved at your school please contact

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Pathways2Life offers research based classroom guidance lessons on two of the most relevant cultural issues that all teens have to navigate:  teen substance use and sex. The curriculums are implemented in the health and physical education classes by Pathways2Life prevention and intervention specialist. Pathways2Life can formulate the number of lessons based on each school’s needs and available class time.

Do The Students Remember the Pathways2Life Classroom Guidance Information?
You bet they do!!!
Take a brief moment and listen to what a very talented 7th grade student at GAC produced based on the classroom guidance she received from Pathways2Life. So cool that she grasped the information and used it in a song, creating a memorable clip for others to recognize risks and choose wisely.

Parent Resources

Drug Guide for Parents:  Learn the Facts to Keep Your Teen Safe

(Click here) to download drug chart pdf

The Triangle 11 Alive News Story (click here to watch video) How Opioid Epidemic is Impacting Metro Atlanta Area

Crime Stoppers Forsyth County School Resource Officers (click here) to learn how to educate your child on how to report illegal activity among classmates

Smart Approaches to Marijuana (click here) for scienctific research on marijauna

Parent Education from Partnership for Drug-Free Kids (click here) for tools to help your child

Monitoring the Future Stats on Teen Drug and Alcohol Use (click here) to review report

GA Survey Study (click here) For stats from your local community

Parent Tips on How to Raise Drug Free Kids (click here)

Fall Prevention Efforts

Johns Creek High School- Students 9th grade Health Class August 27- end of the school year

Chattahoochee High School- Students 9th grade Health Class August 27- end of the school year

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Discovery Group Registration

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