Prevention Education

It’s more than just saying No.

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Prevention Education Services

Prevention is about equipping students. We will walk with students and provide tools for understanding what’s going on inside of them and how to navigate what’s going on outside of them. We teach students to recognize risks, choose wisely, and live purposefully through a variety of programs. 

School-Wide Assembly Programs

Parent and Teacher Education

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Student-Led Initiatives

Student-Athlete Initiatives

Student Leadership

Restorative Discipline

SBIRT Process

(Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment)

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Our Prevention Education​ School Partners

Pathways2Life has already been in these schools with Prevention Education programs! Are we in your student’s school? 

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Parent Resources

A Drug Guide for Parents: Learn the facts to keep your teen safe. 

Scienctific research on marijauna at SAM.
(Smart Approaches to Marijuana)

A 2015-2018 report monitoring the Future Stats on teen drug and alcohol use.

An informational PDF for Parents.
(Taken from I Want to Talk to my Teen about ADDICTIONS, by Megan Hutchinson)

What is 7+6?

The Pathways2Life program speakers inspired RMS students to make the right decisions about Alcohol and Drugs. They encouraged our middle school students to not give in to peer pressure situations. By using their own experiences and life choices to relate to our students, our students were certain they were hearing suitable choices that were not being sugar coated. Our students heard about clear consequences when using drugs and making bad choices. I would highly recommend using Pathways2Life again every year with our Health classes.
-Terri Gill
Riverwatch Middle School Health Teacher