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The Chandler Family Story

The Chandler Family Story

Within 6 months Melvin and Marsha Chandler tragically lost their twin daughters Jennifer and Heather. One was drug related; the other died in a car accident. Their son in-law Michael, who was driving the car, was charged with DUI and vehicular homicide.  Needless to say, this has marked and altered their lives forever. 

Incredibly, the Chandler family not only forgave Michael but also embraced him.  Michael faced 15 years in prison. However, Judge Kathy Schrader, presiding over Michael’s case, was so impacted by this powerful story of forgiveness, sentenced him instead to 15 years of probation and 1500 hours of community service which involves telling his story.  The Chandler family will join him in this service, leveraging their story of loss to help students make wise choices about drugs and alcohol.

Michael and the Chandler family have partnered with Pathways2Life to help them tell their story. With Pathways2Life's expertise in prevention, intervention and support, we can provide critical resources that will impact communities who use the Chandler Family Story to help youth and families navigate life in today’s world. We are confident that together we can accomplish the mutual goal of empowering youth to recognize risks, choose wisely and live purposely.

 - A Gwinnett County family has turned their grief into a tough lesson for young people after their lives changed forever because of a drunk driver three years ago. "It's a forever reminder that we have a job to do," said Melvin Chandler, who lost is 26-year-old daughter, Jennifer Moss, in the 2013 car wreck. The story was presented in April 2016 at Archer High School for their Prom Promise event.

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